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Sequin rivet Butterfly high heel shoes

Product Description
Product Features
Charm foot
Fashion style
*Shoe facial material
Patent Leather
*Linig Material
Black, green
*Heel height
*Sole thickness
* Bottom Material
*Contact phone number
* Tencent QQ Mailbox
* Wechat number
* QQ
Detailed Images
    • Fashion style

Beautiful bow design
  • Beautiful thin heel design

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Company Introduction
Charm foot is a fast fashion brand of Cherry Flower Shoes Factory, which contains many international elements. So far, it has
developed into a modern women's shoe manufacturer focusing on shoe research and development, production and brand sales. We have a
young and active team with professional knowledge of shoe making, efficient execution, innovation and active thinking. The company
has two major R&D and production bases in China. Every year, it develops thousands of new shoes, leading shoes. The fashion trend
of the development of the industry ensures that the Charm foot brand is at the forefront of the industry. Charm foot's leading
product, high-heeled shoes, is exquisitely carved and fashionable. It combines oriental culture with modern international elements
and fashion to form a fast fashion brand with unique style and charm. Charm foot has a penetrating insight into the popular
fashion of women, "inspired by women's infinite possession of fashion; although they can only wear a pair of shoes at a time, they
are not willing to be occupied by only one style of psychology", so that Charmfoot decided to break the traditional footwear
industry, through a carefully crafted fashion experience to achieve women. People's desire for "fashion pursuit". In recent years,
"Charm foot model" has become a hot topic in the industry. Scale effect and fast fashion and service-oriented, quality as the core
become the three magic weapons of Charm foot sales model transformation and upgrading. Every link of Charmfoot is based on "fast
and high". It has fast research and development, fast production, fast logistics, fast sales, faster information, high performance
and price, high productivity, high service requirements and quality. Seek higher, from Charm foot to agents, from agents to
customers, to every corner and level of the world. The ever-changing information lets us seize and even surpass the pace of
fashion. At present, Charm foot updates its corporate image in an all-round way, works with international professional fashion
team to plan brand fashion project, and builds it in an all-round way with an attitude of accelerating fashion life.

Our Services & Strength

Customers can have you own logo put on the product. And we will assist the customers to develop samples with the customers' own
ideas or design. If customers require, we could provide our long term cooperated logistics or forwarders to arrange the shipment.
1.How many colors can be ordered?
Basically customers can order any color which available. And we will send color swatch along with the samples.
2. Is sample charged?
Our sample is charged of USD10.48per single shoe. And when the order qty is over 100 pcs, we will refund the sample charge.
3. How long to get the samples?
The samples can be ready around 10 to 15 days. We will send the samples to customers by courier. Pls be kindly noted the courier
freight fee is on customers' expense.
4. Is it possible to put cutomers' own logo on the product?
Yes it's no problem to put customers' logo.
5. How about the bulk delivery time?
Generally, we will commence on the bulk production when we received the deposit from the customers, and the lead time would be
around 30 - 45 days according the the order qty.
6. If there is stock products?
For some items, we have stock for some certain colors. We will check with our warehouse once the customers inquired.

Sequin rivet Butterfly high heel shoes



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