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The best Bridal Pearls on your small or big wedding day. Wearing Bridal Pearls on your wedding day is an easy way to add a classic look. While pearls might seem old fashion, they are still very popular jewelry choices for weddings even in the 21st century.
Because we live in the modern world, pearls are being complimented and accented with other pieces of jewelry. Some women pair their pearls with diamonds, gold, and bi-cone crystal beads like you see above. Adding bicone beads to pearl bracelets is a trend that's gaining a lot of attraction. Bicone beads add a natural and glossy compliment to the shape of the pearls, and creates a nice classy finish.
While many brides around the world chose to wear pearl jewelry on their wedding day simply for the beauty, pearls have numerous symbolic meanings. From adding a traditional look to a wedding, here are some of the things pearls represent:
Spiritually speaking, pearls have always been known to symbolize wisdom. Because pearls are perfect for people with more of a mature taste in jewelry, the wisdom being symbolize is one that comes with experience. This is where the statement "Pearls of Wisdom," comes from. Like true wisdom is rare to find, so are pearls. Old or young, you can never really go wrong with wearing a pearl bracelet or necklace on your wedding day.
Across the world, many cultures consider pearls to be pure. Perfect jewels to adorn brides on their wedding day. This is especially true for the many brides that wear white, as white is thought of as a pure color. So for many cultures, a virgin bride wearing a white dress and white pearls is the epitomine of purity. Virgin or not, your partner is marrying you because they love you, so don't cheat yourself out of a good pearl jewelry.
Spiritual Protector
Water has always being know as something that washes away uncleanliness. It removes toxins from your body and leaves you in a healthier state. This same attribute can be contributed to pearls. Because pearls are the jewels of the sea, many cultures believe that pearls protect their wearers from evil spirits. You should know that while they are wearing of those evil spirits, they are also bringing you good luck.
Good Luck Charm
If you are a spiritual person, then pearl bracelets or necklaces are the perfect option for you. You can chose to wear a pearl bracelet on your wedding day to ware of those evil spirits. Whatever evil spirit you are trying to wear off, you can rely on your pearls to get the job done. You won't only feel protected, but at peace as well. So whether you are dealing with evil in the form of negative energy, demons, Nay Sayers, doubters, or haters, you can relax.
Joy or Happiness
Many cultures around the world think of pearls as a tear drop. So, many cultures encourage brides to wear pearls on their wedding day. This is suppose to represent their last tear drop before entering into marry life. In these cultures, it's a traditional way for newly weds to leave all their woes behind them and step into a happy life. So if you want to have a happy marriage, then grab a pearl bracelet or necklace to make sure of it.
The Perfect Custom Gift
Throughout history, traditions in certain countries have consisted of the mother-in-laws passing down their one or more of their old pearl jewelry (bracelet, necklace, or earrings) to the bride. This is part of where the saying, "Something old, something new, and something borrowed," comes from. Another tradition has to do with the groom buying a beautiful pearl bracelet, necklace, or a pair of earrings for his lovely bride, "Something new."
Bridal Pearls on Your Big or Small Wedding Day
As women, our wedding day is a very important day for us. Oh the length we will go through to make sure this day is perfect. On this day, there shall be no ashy makeup, no M.I.A ringbearer or flower girl, no sour grapes, and definitely no Monster-in-laws.
Something we all worry about is our dress, and this is important. Having the perfect dress on your wedding day is everything. After all, you've been waiting on this day your whole life. Everything about your dress will determine what type of pearl jewelry you can wear. Actually it will determine the type of jewelry you can wear period.
If your wedding dress is going to leave your neckline exposed or your shoulders bare, you should definitely consider adding a pearl necklace. This is a great way to compliment your dress and skin.
Whatever pearl necklace you decide to wear, make sure it's something you like. Just because grandmother gifted you that 80 year old pearl necklace doesn't mean that it's cute. If it's not your style, then it's just not your style. Go with what you like, it's your big day after all. Grandmother already had her big day.
You have many options to chose from when deciding which pearl necklace to go with. You can go with a choker pearl necklace, a classic single pearl necklace, the double strand pearl necklace, and many other.
Which ever one you decide go with, you can never really go wrong with Bridal Pears on your small or big wedding day.


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