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Are you feeling down most of the time? Are you bombarded by all the bad news in the papers? Is your mind filled with negative thoughts?

Positive Words

With the world in chaos these days, you may find it hard to focus your mind on the positive things. Let's face it, times have change and people are living in fear for many reasons. However, what people don't know is that living in a constant state of fear and negativity takes a toll on your health. Negative thinking can lead to poor health and unhappy living. This is why it is absolutely important for people to practice positive thinking. It is important to be conscious of your thoughts at all times and if you are a spiritual person, you know positive thinking creates new waves in your life, which is great for manifestation that is beneficial to you. Here are 10 positive tips to cheer you up:

1. Look after your health: When you are in good health you are full of energy and you will attract positive thoughts. Exercise is the right thing to do especially when you feel bad about yourself. I do. When I am feeling out of place I go for a good jog. At the end of a jog, I sweat it out and I feel good inside out. Remember to get enough sleep as well.

2. When your negative thoughts flash through your mind: Quickly replace the negative ideas with positive ones. Do not allow the negative feelings to sink into your mind. It zaps your energy.


3. Happy company: Hang around with happy people. It’s contagious. Positive thinking people will influence your mindset and you will eventually behave just like them.

4. A list of the things that make you happy: Write down a list of those happy occasions. When your energy is low on any day take a look at the list to get rid of those sad feelings.

5. Live in the present: The past is dead and gone and the future is not here yet. Enjoy daily life and find happiness in it. Look for the tiny little happiness every now and then. For all you know a big celebration may never come. No more wishful thinking like I’ll be happy when…..

6. Be happy with what you have: Don't try and keep up with the Joneses. Enjoy life with what you have while you pursue to get the things you want in life. Count your blessings instead of your troubles.

7. Something to look forward to: Indulge in activities that you enjoy doing on a regular basis. For instance, I love blogging. I post an article every day. I look at my Traffic Rank every few days. I receive encouraging comments every now and then. These little things cheer me up.

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