Jade Healing Properties: The Amazing Benefits of Wearing Jade - Lovely Intelligent Beauti

Jade Healing Properties: The Amazing Benefits of Wearing Jade - Lovely Intelligent Beauti

What is Jade?

Coming from the Jadeite class of minerals, Jade stones come in two different types: nephrite (silicate & amphibole minerals) and jadeite (proyxene minerals). Silicate and amphibole consist of calcium or magnesium where as proyxene consist of sodium and aluminum. Jade can easily be associated with East Asia, where they are commonly found in various colors. While this beautiful stone is favorited in its imperial like green color, it also comes in red, white, brown, lavender, purple, and orange. Jade's meaning is self-assurance, acceptance, and health.
Definition of "Jade" in Different Languages
Language  Word for Jade Meaning
French l'ejade flanks, kidney area
Italian ilia flanks, kidney area
Spanish piedra de ijada  loin stone
Chinese jade; gems of all kinds
Mandarin fěicuì jadeite
Korean 비취/ok, bichwi jade, jade
玉, 翡翠/
Yù, fěicuì

Types of Jade Grade
Type A Jade: To be considered a Type A, the jade cannot be treated in any wax. This type of Jade is natural and untreated. Type A Jade
Type B: This type of jade is usually exposed to chemicals like bleach and or acids. It is then filled with clear polymer resin to improve its clear or transparent appearance. Type B Jade
Type C Jade has been stained and dyed, which will usually result in the dull appearance of the stone. The stone will in most cases turn to a dull brown and lose its translucency. Type C Jade
Type B+C Jade is exactly what the name says. It is a combination of Type B Jade and Type C Jade. This means that the stone has not only been impregnated, but that it has been chemically treated. B+C Type Jade

Different Colors of Jade & Their Meanings

Blue Jade is great for manifesting serenity and peace in your life. During times of emotional unrest, blue jade is idea for restoration. Equilibrium is the name and game of this color jade. It usually ranges from pale to mid-blue and can sometimes be a beautiful mix of green and blue, giving the stone a mesmerizing bluish-green appearance.

White Jade (Tremolite Jade) is a beautiful pale stone that is absolutely captivating. The meaning and healing properties of white jade stones are endless. They can be associated with luck, calmness, and peace. It doesn't end there. Included on the list of healing properties are love, equilibrium, help in decision making, strengthening your mind, improving your relationship with a love one and so many more. If you need help directing your energy on the right path, this is the stone to consider.
Red Jade (Chi Stone) is great for eliminating fear and finding your inner warrior. Remove worries, doubts, and anxieties with Red Jade and stimulate you life force. If you are someone that seems to often second guess yourself, add this stone to your collection of crystals and dispel all of your doubts.
Red Jade
Step back into your life with the help of chi, rejuvenate your soul, and turn away from all the fears that have been blocking your manifestations.
Black Jade is perfect for controlling negative thoughts. Often times we fail to realize why our lives seem to rotate in an endless cycle of confusion and chaos. This is where the black jade comes in handy. It is not only perfect for grounding, but for channeling new and positive vibrations. Don't let your thoughts ruin your life. Manifest positive energy with the black jade.
Yellow Jade helps with bringing in good fortune and a joyful outlook on life. If you've ever wonder what sunshine and happiness looks like, this is it. Choose joy today.

Lavender Jade helps its wearers tap into their higher selves. It is helpful for recovering from traumas and leaving them behind you. Get in touch with your spiritual self and be enlightened.

Imperial or Green Jade

This Jade represent divinity and abundance. If you are experience an imbalance in your career, family relations, and business, this is the idea stone to turn things around. Green Jade is great for manifesting harmony and material wealth.

Orange Jade

If you are feeling down and out, the Orange Jade is great for turning things around. It is great for changing negative energy to positive energy. Choose happiness today and turn your frowns into smiles.

Purple Jade 

If your aura feels bothered or tinted, you can rely on the healing properties of a Purple Jade to cleanse your aura. You spring clean your house every year, now you can spring clean your aura. Your soul is precious and needs to be protected.

Brown Jade

This Jade is not brown for no reason. It is an earthly stone that is perfect for grounding and connecting with Gaia. Brown Jade will heal your root chakra and help you find balance that was lost. Don't let life get the best of you, live in balance and stability.

Jade Healing Properties: The Amazing Benefits of Wearing Jade

Jade Healing Properties: The Amazing Benefits of Wearing Jade

Throughout history, jade healing properties have been sought after and utilize by many. From royals to commoners, many have clutched and worn jade stones for good luck, cleansing, and healing. Like mother earth is loving and ever giving to her creations, so is the Jade. It is always eager to improve the lives of its wearers and those that put their trust in her. Jade healing properties cannot only be secluded to one aspect of ones life, but to all aspects. Jade can be useful for healing spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Below are a few ways that Jade can help you manifest the change you are in search of in your life.

Physical Healing Properties

Often our bodies endure so much in life that it becomes worn out and unrecognizable in every sense of the word. One of the consequences of poor physical health is the accumulation of harmful toxins in our body. Toxin accumulation can lead to other health problems that can result in certain infections or even death, if left untreated. This is where Jade comes in use. It is known to help the kidneys, the bladder, the spleen, and to balance our fluid systems in the body. In addition, Jade is know for helping with reducing fever due to its cooling touch. It is great for signaling the body to self heal, which is so important for positive vibrations. Not to get too personal here love, but Jade is also great for improving sexual problems. Having a sexual disorder is not something people usually have any control over, but you do have options out there for improving your situation. You can Rreactivate your libido with the Jade.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Due to some of the tragic experiences we have in life over the years, they can take a mental and emotional toll on us. All of a sudden we are carrying around negative energy mentally and emotionally that we can't seem to control or get rid of. Because Jade is extremely intuitive, you can rely on the power of this stone to eliminate those negative energies. No need to live in confusion, self-doubt, low self-esteem, hate, or distress. The intuitive nature of the Jade will give you the strength to regain control of your life. Create positive energy where negativity has take over. Walk in confidence instead of doubt. Love yourself and those around you, instead of living in hate. Improve your intimate relationships instead of living in fear and seclusion. Nourish your soul and live a fulfilling life instead of living a life of mediocrity. The mental and emotional healing properties of the jade are endless. Use this amazing stone to create peace, calm, love, and compassion in your life.

Metaphysical Properties

If you are someone who is spiritually imbalanced or has lost connection to Gaia, the Jade is a spiritually strengthening stone. We live in a world that is larger than us and we want to connect to it in ways that go beyond physicality. Because the world we live in is filled with a lot of chaos, sometimes those negative energies can hinder our spirituality. Although that's true, we do not have to remain in that state. What we want is to replace those negative energies with positive ones. We want to live in love, we want to live in happiness, we want to live in peace, and we want to live in unity with others. Because of the metaphysical properties of the Jade, we can accomplish just that. Take back control over your life and create long lasting and healthy relationships with those around you and the earth.

Zodiac Birthstone

There are several signs that can utilize the Jade healing properties to their benefits. A few of these signs include Gemini, Taurus, and Aries. When in doubt, these people can rely on the healing properties of the Jade for restoring confidence. It can help with self-assurance, grounding, and strengthening the heart. These signs are able to regain the courage and wisdom they need to take back control of their lives. They can go from being indecisive to becoming great decision makers. All of this is due to the extremely rich positive energy of the Jade, and she's ever eager to spread her positivity.

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Different Uses of Jade

Throughout the centauries, Jades have be used in many ways. They have been used to protect the energy in homes, offices, and other sacred places. They have been worn by nobles, commoners, and everybody else in between. Jadeites have been worn as amulets for good luck and prosperity. They have been worn as necklaces, anklets, or carried around to be clutched.

A common way people choose to utilize the Jade healing properties is to wear it as a bracelet. Many wear them as Jadeite bangles for a stylish look, and others wear them as bead bracelets for a bohemian chic look. No matter how you choose to wear your Jadeite, you can still benefit from its healing properties.

Cultures around the world have still been able to manifest luck, healing, positive energy, and abundance throughout history. Jadeites have been used to bring on purity, harmony, balance, wealth, health, and joy.

The great thing about this crystal and many other gemstones, is that it does not fade. You can wear your Jade everyday or as many times as you would like. From healing your root chakra to healing your heart chakra, the benefits of wearing Jade are limitless.

You can easily pair it with other natural gemstones like labradorites or agate for strengthening those positive energies and manifestation.

Where to Buy Jadeite Bracelets

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How to Cleanse Your Gemstone

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Cleaning your Jade is extremely easy and straightforward. You will need a cloth and warm water. You can add a bit of regular dish detergent to the warm water if you like. Wet your cloth, pad, or cotton ball and gently wipe the surface of your Jade. Do not scrape or scrub you Jade and definitely be sure not to add any chemicals. Chemicals like bleach and chlorine can be damaging to your Jade. If at all possible, avoid contact of your jade with makeup, perfume, and hair spray. To give a deep clean, you can use a tooth brush. 

It's important to clean your Jade because crystals tend to collect energy from their surroundings. While a Jade stone may not be one to hold on to negative vibrations, it doesn't hurt to show it a little TLC. This will help your crystal stay at the top of its game and stay clear of negative vibes. 

Now that you've cleaned your Jade, there maybe times that you want to help it recharge. This too is an easy procedure. Simply place the Jade in some natural spring water to give it a burst of energy. This too helps with eliminating negative energy from the crystal and replaces it with positive energy. 

Over all, the Jade is a pretty amazing and beneficial stone to have in your life. You can use the healing properties of this stone to remove negative energy from your life and create positive vibrations. This crystal can easily be paired with other natural stones for healing, balance, luck, prosperity, wealth, health, and all of the other good stuff. 


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