How To Soul Search - Improve Yourself

Soul searching can be rude awakening, but it is absolutely necessary. Often times we live in state of confusion, sickness, and depression, yet we forget to ask ourselves why. Why are we living in those unhappy and unhealthy state. The long you live in those inhumane states, the harder it becomes for you to make the changes that are necessary to improve yourself. In this article, you will learn how to soul search by asking yourself the top 7 soul searching questions that will lead to self-improvement.

How to Soul Search - Self Improvement

Living is a balancing act, you need to manage yourself, look after the family, get along well with others and face reality all at the same time. The following questions will search your heart so that you are aware of the things that you have done well and some of the things that are missing in your life.

1. Have I taken care of my health and well-being? Are you spending your leisure time drinking at the pub instead following an exercise program to keep fit and be healthy? Don’t allow your body to be out of shape, start today to move your body more often.


2. Am I happy with my performance at work? Are you doing your best? Have you thought of better ways of doing things so that you are more effective and efficient? Get out of your comfort zone and try new things

3. Have I manage my personal finance well? Are you keeping your spending within your budget? Have you set aside an amount each month for rainy days? Did you sign your credit card because you just want to have something? The most important thing is not to get into debt because getting out of it will not be easy.

4. Have I spent quality time with my spouse and children? When was the last time the whole family went out together? Have you spent time just to talk to your children about their school and find out how they are coping? Did you do the washing up and take out the trash? Don’t glue to the TV, do something at home.


5. Have I contacted my friends and made new friends lately? This is to find out whether you have expanded your circle of friends. New friends give you new ideas. Stay in touch with your old friends, don’t’ just go to them only when you have to.

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