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2 Lip Glosses For Dark Skin Women & Girls

Let's face it, we are fortunate to be dark or brown skinned. Not only is our melanin empowering, it also makes nearly everything look good on us. Because of our complexion, we are able to pull of certain looks women from other races cannot. Lets take the color gold into account when it comes to fashion. Have you ever seen what happens to the color gold when a dark or brown skin person wears it? Not only does that person skin come to life, but the gold itself seems to come to life. It's almost as if a perfect match has been made in nature. Although we can wear basically any color when it comes to clothes, cosmetic colors on the other hand can be a bit tricky.


Because of the fact that there are so many different shades of dark and brown skin people, knowing which shade goes with what cosmetic color can feel like playing Russian Roulette at times. We've all been through it haven't we? You spend all that time putting your outfit together and everything looks good. That is until you decide to put lip stick or lip gloss on. You see that beautiful lip gloss color and think, "I'll try this today." Of course you try it but it just ruins your entire outfit. Now you are frustrated and feel unsure about you cute outfit or have to temper with your makeup now. All thanks to the color of a lip gloss. As dark skin women, we struggle so much with finding new and different lip gloss colors that when and if we do find one, we tend to just stick with it. If it ain't broken don't fix it right? Well I beg to differ.

Below are 2 lip glosses for dark and brown skin women to absolutely rock.

The Nude Lip Gloss

5 Lip Glosses For Dark Skin Women & Girls

Nude lip glosses are a great place to start. The problem with nude lip glosses is that on dark skin women they can look ashy at times. This is because there was a lot of white pigment added in the formula. You want to stay away from these types of nude lip glosses. Instead go with a nude lip gloss that has a pink undertone to it. This will beautifully compliment your dark or brown skin. The fact of the matter is that the color pink is one that looks good on everyone.

A lot of nude lip glosses appear to be beige in color when you put them on. This is wrong, because all of the primary colors mixed together give you brown, not beige. So when the nude lip gloss appear beige, it's because there's to much white pigment in it. While that's okay for Caucasian, Latina, and Asian women, it does not exactly work for dark and brown skin women. We need an undertone color.

If you've searched and are unhappy with what you find or didn't find, you can stick to a brown lip gloss that's glossy but not sticky. It's 2021 and we are done with sticky lip glosses. Brown Skin Girl Lip Gloss is a lip gloss that won't only give you shine, but will nourish and moisturize your lips.

Brown Skin Girl Lip Gloss

This lip gloss was made to honor women of color. Not only is this gloss beautiful to look at, but it comes with all the lip benefits you are looking for. Here are some of the benefits of the Brown Skin Girl Lip Gloss:

Light weight and great for any occasion.

Perfect for daily use

Gold and glossy in color

Perfect for any skin tone

Cruelty free like all of our products

Will moisturize and give your lips a glossy finish

Promotes healthy looking lips


Easily absorbed to soften dry lips.

Comfortable wear

Non-sticky formula

No dry feeling

Finish: Shimmering, Shiny, Glossy Lip Gloss, Non-sticky



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